Radio cable loop

The clever way to protect your accessories

It isn’t easy with valuable accessories. Not every camper wants to go to the trouble of stowing them in the rear garage every night or constantly securing them to things using huge locks. Owners of a WiPro III alarm system can secure their accessories in a much more comfortable way: by simply integrating a Thitronik radio cable loop into the security system.

Versatile, fast, secure …

Basically, the cable loop is closely related to our wireless magnetic contacts for doors and windows. The only difference is that with it the holder is also the magnet and the free end of the cable loop in turn the sensor. The highlight: the holder can be mounted at any location on or in the vehicle. Using the cable loop is extremely easy. Just pull the slide unit on the cable loop through the accessory to be secured, such as the bike frame, the base of the portable satellite dish or the leg of the expensive camping furniture. Now guide the slide unit through the loop at the end of the cable loop (the loop is now closed) and insert it into the holder – that’s it. If the WiPro III alarm system is ‘armed’, the accessories are also secured.

If snatchers now fumble with the loop, attempt to pull the slide unit out of the holder or sever the cable, the central control unit immediately emits an alarm. The system also promptly detects jamming attempts or external magnetic fields.

Incidentally, you can integrate up to 100 cable loops into the Thitronik security system.

A strong team

The radio cable loop really shows its strengths when the Thitronik Pro-finder is on board along with the WiPro III alarm system. Thanks to an SIM card in the device, the locating system can communicate at any time with one or if desired several mobile phones.

If the cable loop triggers an alarm, the owner is immediately informed by text message and can take the appropriate actions. Like all wireless contacts from THITRONIK, the cable loop is operated with button cells (CR 2032). Long before the battery is exhausted, the user receives a status message via the central control unit prompting him or her to replace them.

The Thitronik cable loop comes with a black or white holder, for example, a slide unit – selectively with a length of 2.5 or 5 metres.

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    The perfect addition to WiPro III and WiPro III safe.lock

    The radio cable loop is the ideal addition to your alarm system – to make sure thieves have no chance even with portable objects such as bikes, camping furniture or surfboards.

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