Backup siren

The perfect addition to G.A.S.-pro and WiPro

The Thitronik back-up siren offers additional security.

Product highlights

  • Reliable alarm

    Emits alarm through trigger input, high or low signal, or voltage interruption

  • Integrated back-up battery power operation

    Security even when power supply is disrupted

  • Suitable for many alarm systems

    Compatible with G.A.S. pro, WiPro and alarm systems from other manufacturers

Product description

The Thitronik back-up siren emits an alarm differently than conventional sirens: not just through a trigger signal, but also in the event of power supply failure or sabotage.

Flexible problem solver

The back-up siren is used in vehicles in which the starter battery is situated in the engine bay. If the power supply is interrupted during a break-in attempt, the vehicle horn is also put out of action. But the back-up siren still works – and emits an alarm. Apart from that, it is of course a safety gain for all alarm systems. Incidentally, it is also a must have for operating a gas alarm in a caravan without a leisure battery. If the site mains electricity is interrupted, or the towing vehicle disconnected, the back-up siren takes over. If you want to decouple the caravan or put it in winter storage, switch off the back-up function via a key switch on the rear side.

Universally applicable

The back-up siren is continually charged via a direct connection to the battery and thus guarantees an alarm that lasts several minutes. It is therefore ideal for vehicles with batteries or power supplies that are accessible from the outside.

The back-up siren is the ideal accessory for G.A.S.-pro and WiPro. With its 2 trigger inputs (+12 V input and earth input), it is also suitable for alarm systems from other manufacturers.

Scope of delivery

  • Back-up siren with built-in buffer battery
  • Keys
  • Connecting cable
  • Assembly material
  • Installation instructions

Technical data

Article number
Power supply
12 V DC
Sound pressure
approx. 105 dB
Temperature range
-10°C bis +80°C
approx. 400g
4: +12 V, GND, pos. trigger, neg. trigger

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