Bluetooth connection module

Control of the WiPro III via Bluetooth

The network module is a clever building block for your Thitronik security system: conveniently control all remote control functions of the WiPro III with your smartphone.

At a glance

  • CI-BUS

  • 12 V / 24 V

  • Bluetooth

  • App Control

Product highlights

  • Control of alarm system via smartphone

    The smartphone connects to the control module via Bluetooth – for convenient control in the vicinity of your vehicle

  • Control the central locking system via smartphone

    In combination with the WiPro III safe.lock, you can conveniently lock and unlock your central locking system via smartphone

Product description

Conveniently control all remote control functions of the WiPro III with your smartphone: with the Thitronik network module, it’s possible. Couple your smartphone to your WiPro III alarm system and control the alarm system in the vicinity of your motorhome via Bluetooth. Other authorised users can then also comfortably arm or disarm the system at any time. If you own a WiPro III safe.lock, you can also access the existing central locking system because with the network module, you can unlock and lock the vehicle without the vehicle key or remote control. The connection module can also be integrated if the Pro-finder is already installed.

Future: Control via Garmin smartwatch

Thitronik offers a currently unique function through a cooperation with Garmin, the experts for navigation and smartwatches. Via a network module in the future. It will be possible to let your Thitronik security system communicate with a Garmin smartwatch (exact models are not yet known) – at an absolutely secure, encrypted frequency. A special Thitronik app will also be installed on the watch (Garmin calls these apps ‘widgets’). This widget makes it possible to press a button on your watch to arm or disarm the alarm system or, with the WiPro III safe.lock, lock or unlock the vehicle.

From remote control key to smartwatch

If you set out to go swimming, biking, hiking or climbing or carry out any other leisure activity, will soon no longer have to need your wireless key or your smartphone with you. Thus you don’t need to find a good hiding spot on the beach will be no longer be necessary, when you want to get into the water to go swimming or surfing. The smartwatch will also assumes the task of the remote control key in the vehicle – if you want to lock the vehicle from your bed at night, for example. In critical situations will also be able to trigger the panic alarm via the watch through the push of a button. The connection module of course also has CI-BUS capabilities for further applications and connection to additional vehicle functions.

Scope of delivery

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  • Bluetooth connection module
  • Connection cable
  • Mounting material
  • Operation manual

Technical data

Article number
Operating voltage
12/24 V
52 × 56 × 25 mm (W × H × D)
Further data will follow.

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