Universal connection cable for GBA-I 12 / 24V

For mobile power supply

Gives you freedom of choice regarding your GBA-I power supply: The Thitronik connection cable – for power operation via cigarette lighter.

Product highlights

  • Modular connector

    Pre-assembled connector to match the GBA-I socket

  • Power via cigarette lighter

    Practical: The connection cable supplies the GBA-I via your vehicle’s cigarette lighter

Product description

"The connection cable for the GBA-I provides for mobility and offers you more options for powering your gas alarm. Just connect the GBA-I to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter with the connection cable when en route. In this way, it remains flexible: In your motorhome, at home or at your holiday accommodation – use your GBA-I gas alarm wherever you need it. The pre-assembled modular connector fits perfectly into the socket on the GBA-I. On the other end of the connection cable is the plug for the automotive power socket."

Maximum flexibility

With the connection cable, you have a total of 3 different options for powering your gas alarm. Connect it to the on-board electrical system in your vehicle, via the 230 V plug-in adapter or just with the connection cable to the cigarette lighter. As flexible as you want to be en route.

Scope of delivery

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  • Connection cable 12/24V

Technical data

Article number
12/24 VDC
Modular connector for GBA-I

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