Wireless gas alarm 868

Gas alarm for WiPro III and WiPro III safe.lock

The wireless gas alarm 868 supplements and optimises the alarm systems WiPro III and WiPro III safe.lock. It detects even the smallest amounts of propane/butane or narcotic gases and thereby raises the safety standard in the vehicle to a whole new level.

Product highlights

  • Detects narcotic gases, propane and butane

    The wireless gas alarm detects the smallest amounts of escaping gases and warns you before they become dangerous

  • Cable-free due to use of radio waves

    The wireless gas alarm with no wiring can be used wherever you need it

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Product description

The wireless gas alarm is the ideal supplement to the alarm system. It detects even trace amounts of narcotic gases in the air and reliably emits an alarm if propane and butane concentrations are elevated due to gas leaks. The wireless gas alarm just requires a connection to a power supply. It sends the alarm signal wirelessly via radio to the central control unit. It can easily be installed at the correct height in the same housing as the GBA-I thanks to the drilling template. It can be switched off via the on/off switch when not in use. Through its connection to the on-board electrical system, it is permanently operational – with no battery replacement necessary. To save on even the minimal current consumption of < 70 mA, for example, in winter storage, you can simply switch off the gas alarm via its housing.

Simple teach-in

Once the wireless gas alarm is wired to the on-board electrical system, it just has to be taught in on the central control unit. With the new Thitronik app, this is a snap. If you do not use our app, our easy-to-understand operating instructions provide assistance.

Scope of delivery

  • Wireless gas alarm
  • 12/24 V connection cable
  • Manual
  • Mounting materials
  • Alarm sticker

Technical data

Article number
Power supply
12/24 V DC
Current consumption
approx. 70 mA
50 ppm
Wireless range (in free space)
approx. 75 m
Transmission frequency
868,35 MHz
Transmission power
<10 mW
38 × 100 × 27 mm (W × H × D)
approx. 60 g


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