Wireless magnetic contact 868

The perfect addition to WiPro III and WiPro III safe.lock

Wireless magnetic contacts are important components of your Thitronik security concept – together with your WiPro III or WiPro III safe.lock, they form the perfect security team. Use them to secure windows, doors or hatches on your vehicle.

Product highlights

  • Immune to manipulation

    Wireless magnetic contacts detect attempts at manipulation and trigger an alarm

  • Secure frequency band

    Reliable and secure frequency at 868 MHz

  • Available in two colours

    For light or dark body doors, windows or storage compartment hatches

  • Self-adhesive

    No drilling, no screwing– easy fastening with adhesive pads

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Product description

With the wireless magnetic contacts, you can secure doors, windows, hatchets and other openings in your motorhome. The proven reed contact technology is installed inside the wireless magnetic contacts. With the modern and secure frequency band of 868 MHz, the magnetic contacts offer protection against unauthorised opening of the vehicle. A second, sensitive reed contact is used for mechanical sabotage protection, which reports external magnetic influences. If the magnet inside the smaller housing moves far enough away from the transmitter unit, the reed switch triggers a transmisson pulse. Your alarm system therefore knows what condition every doors and window is in.

Tampering not possible

Attempts at manipulation by magnets or jamming transmitters are also immediately detected by the Thitronik wireless magnetic contacts and an alarm is triggered. During development, we focussed on being able to bridge the usual gaps on seals and frames in the mobile leisure vehicle sector. A minimum of 22 mm is therefore possible.

Security through changing codes

All wireless components are protected by unique serial numbers and 4 billion changing codes. Once trained at the central control unit, only the parts belonging to the vehicle will work. Even if there is a power failure on the transmitter or central control unit, the data remain saved. Repeat teach-in or deletion is of course possible on the central control unit.

Easy no-drill installation

Wireless magnetic contacts are self-adhesive – no drilling or screwing is necessary. The special automotive adhesive pads stick to all surfaces. For glass surfaces, they also come with a motif. A clear signal to burglars.

Active whenever you want

The wireless magnetic contacts do not transmit constantly – only when they are activated. Electrosmog therefore poses no risk to you. In general, the radiation exposure from the radio signals is lower than from a mobile phone. A single, inexpensive button cell feeds the radio magnetic contact for many years, but should be replaced every 2 years according to the battery warranty. A weak battery is indicated by an LED on the wireless component or is reported by a radio signal to the central control unit, which then emits an acoustic signal.

Advantages and disadvantages of motion detectors and wireless magnetic contacts
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Scope of delivery

  • Wireless magnetic contact
  • Assembly Instructions

Technical data

Article numbers
100758 (white)
100757 (black)
Power supply
1 x CR2032 (3 V)
Wireless range (in free space)
approx. 75 m
Transmission frequency
868,35 MHz
Transmission power
<10 mW
44x34x15 mm (W x H x D)
approx. 33 g


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