Vehicle-related issues concerning unlocking Mercedes Sprinter VS30 using THITRONIK® accessories

Important information before using THITRONIK® accessories with the Mercedes Sprinter

Affected vehicles:

  • Mercedes camper vans,
  • fully and partially integrated vehicles
  • As of model year 2018 (VS30)  

We would like to inform you that it has occurred in the past that people have locked themselves out from their vehicle. This could happen because some customers unfortunately have not considered our additional note, which is handed out with our WiPro III safe.lock alarm system. The information contained herein can also be found in our FAQs. Link

As a little reminder: If the vehicle is locked with the original vehicle key, it is no longer possible to unlock the vehicle using THITRONIK® accessories. This also applies to the vehicle’s auto-close function which automatically re-locks the vehicle if no door that is part of the central locking system is opened within 40 seconds after unlocking.

We are currently working on a software solution in order to eliminate this vehicle-related issue and the associated faulty use. The corresponding update will be deployed within the coming weeks. We will inform you about it in a newspost and newsletter.

For the time being, another workaround would be that you take the original vehicle key with you to avoid being accidentally locked out.