THTIRONIK® App update – new features

Simplified pairing of new devices with the networking module and other convenient functions now available!

  • Pairing with the networking module – easy as winking
  • More information for even more clarity

We would like to inform you, that an update of the THITRONIK® App will be released this week. Apart from minor changes of the user interface there will be several new information texts available in the vehicle settings. To display, simply tap on the small (i) icons. For an explanation of the symbols, please scroll down to the bottom of the vehicle settings.

In the vehicle settings under the sub-item “Networking module”, you can see, whether or not your smartphone has already been successfully paired with your networking module. If this is the case, this is indicated by a green tick. Please note that this tick does NOT mean there is an active connection with the networking module, but rather indicates the event of a successful pairing

The most important new feature is the possibility to activate the pairing mode of the networking module using your smartphone. This means, you can pair new devices without having to access the networking module. Hence, if the pairing of your smartphone with the networking module happens to be lost, you can have another paired device activate the pairing mode for you to allow you to pair your smartphone again.

During the app update, all settings and pairings of your smartphone are retained, with the exception of a paired Apple Watch: this device has to be paired again, but thanks to the new pairing feature, this is easy as pie: simply activate the networking module’s pairing mode using your smartphone and connect your Apple Watch to the networking module again – done.

In need of a helping hand?
Open the app and tap on “Contact” to get in touch with our support team. You have the option to include all your app settings into the e-mail you are sending in order to receive the best support possible.   

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