NFC Modul

Opens new possibilities

Now you can open your car in seconds contactless

Product highlights

  • Compatibility

    The NFC module is compatible with WiPro III, WiPro III safe.lock and WiPro easy

  • Expandable

    Use the included key card or use up to 13 additional compatible THITRONIK® KeyTags to arm and disarm your alarm system. Owners of a WiPro III safe.lock can also lock and unlock their mobile home silently.

  • Simple teach-in

    With Easy add 3.0, the NFC module can be easily added to your WiPro III or WiPro III safe.lock alarm system.

  • Wireless freedom

    The THITRONIK® NFC module has a battery life of up to one year. The WiPro III checks the battery status every time the NFC module is triggered and warns you as soon as the charge level is too low

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Product description

Losing keys was yesterday!

Outdoor enthusiasts, athletes or globetrotters take note. The NFC module mounted on the inside of the vehicle window is the perfect control solution for your WiPro III, WiPro III safe.lock and WiPro easy alarm system. It combines the convenience of keyless access with the proven THITRONIK® security standard based on DESFire® technology.

Easy come. Easy go.

Conveniently and silently arm and disarm your alarm system with the included transponder card or with the robust, waterproof accessories*, such as a wristband, key fob or compatible credit card. If you own a WiPro III safe.lock, you can also access your central locking system and lock and unlock silently your vehicle without a key.


The high-quality silicone wristband was specially developed for your needs. The built-in NFC chip inside the wristband is protected against damage thanks to the secure seal and offers you reliable access to your vehicle* at all times. The communication between the THITRONIK® KeyStrap and the THITRONIK® NFC module is encrypted using a security code based on MIFARE DESFire ev2 technology. This ensures maximum security. *Alarm system WiPro III safe.lock with access to the central locking system is required. The THITRONIK® KeyStrap is only suitable for single-walled windows/panes up to a maximum thickness of 15mm. The maximum wrist circumference is 216 mm.

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Technologies - MIFARE® DESfire®.

The THITRONIK® NFC module uses DESFire® technology, which is based on the international ISO 14443 standard and provides 128-bit encryption and copy protection. DESfire cards offer a high level of security against physical tampering. Thanks to these features, MIFARE® DESfire® technology is an excellent choice for applications that require a high level of security.

Teaching with the THITRONIK® App

With the THITRONIK® app, you can easily teach your NFC module to your WiPro III or WiPro III safe.lock. Start the teach-in mode in the app and trigger the NFC module with the enclosed key card - your new NFC module is ready for use.

Scope of delivery

  • NFC Module
  • THITRONIK® KeyCard
  • Adhesive pad
  • 3 × alkaline (LR03) AAA batteries
  • Quick start guide

Technical data

Article number
NFC – Near Field Communication DESFire® EV2 | ISO14443-А (13,56 MHz)
Power supply
Batteries: 3 × alkaline (LR03) AAA | voltage 3 × 1.5 V = 4.5 V | Battery life: up to 1 year
Wireless range (in free space)
up to 75 m
WiPro III | WiPro III safe.lock | WiPro easy | CAS III
Temperature range
-10° C to +70° C
(Ø × D) 89 × 19.5 mm
100 g
NFC Tag Range
THITRONIK® KeyCard: approx. 25 mm | THITRONIK® KeyTag: approx. 20 mm | THITRONIK® KeyStrap: max. 15 mm
Transmission frequency
868,35 MHz


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