GSM/GPS combination module

Remote alarm and vehicle locating for C.A.S. III

The GPS/GSM combination module supplements and optimises the caravan alarm system C.A.S. III. If someone attempts to break into or tamper with the caravan, the combination module informs the owner via text message and an alarm is simultaneously sounded.

At a glance

  • GPS

  • 2G / 3G / 4G

  • Vehicle tracking

  • Geofencing

Product highlights

  • Remote alarm via text message

    Remote alarm in case of break-in or inflowing/escaping gases (optional)

  • Vehicle locating via GPS

    Thanks to the integrated GPS antenna, you can easily locate your vehicle through the position data in the internet or with a navigation system

  • Geofencing

    Alarm by text message if the vehicle leaves the circle around the last known location

Product description

The GPS/GSM combination module supplements or optimises the caravan alarm system C.A.S. III. In the event of attempted break-in or tampering, a penetrating alarm draws attention and the combination module simultaneously informs you via a text message to your smartphone – regardless of where you are. You can optionally add up to 9 further phone numbers to be notified in case of an incident.

Status reports and alarms right to your smartphone

With the GPS/GSM combination module, you are always informed of the status of your caravan. Because the module notifies you not just if there is a break-in: in conjunction with an optional wireless gas alarm, you are also warned of escaping or inflowing gases via text message. You can request a free status report via text message at any time to determine the system status and vehicle location. The (up to 10) numbers saved by you are stored in the device. If you request a status report, the device detects the number, automatically ends the call and generates a report. You receive it as a text message. If you want to activate or deactivate the C.A.S. III remotely, you can also of course do this with a simple text message.

Keeping your vehicle in view – with geofencing

The geofencing function is also available to you. It stakes out a virtual circle with a radius of about 900 metres around the location of your caravan. If your vehicle is stolen and leaves the radius around the last known location, you receive a notification by text message. In the text message, you are shown the current GPS coordinates of the caravan and its current speed. You can query these data regularly if so desired. In the event of theft, this valuable information enables you to initiate the recovery operation immediately with the help of the police.

Scope of delivery

  • GSM/GPS combination module
  • Assembly material

Technical data

Power supply
5 VDC via C.A.S.
Current consumption
approx. 30 mA (transmit)
Standby current draw
approx. 10 mA (standby)
Transmission frequency
quad band
Temperature range
-20°C bis +80°C
approx. 30 g


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