2G/3G/4G (LTE)

Whether in combination with WiPro III or WiPro III safe.lock or as a stand-alone location solution – with the Pro-finder, you always have your vehicle in view

At a glance

  • 12V / 24V

  • easy add 3.0

  • App Control

  • GPS

  • 2G / 3G / 4G

  • Vehicle tracking

  • immobilize vehicle

  • Geofencing

  • 12V

Product highlights

  • Alarm and status report via text message

    Receive alarm text messages on up to 10 mobile phones, request status reports and position data – all conveniently via smartphone

  • Easy to install

    Simply connect a power supply and connect it to your WiPro III or WiPro III safe.lock – that’s it

  • No monthly/annual fees

    You decide yourself with which SIM card you want to operate the device. Transfer costs are only incurred in an emergency or if you use one of the functions (one text message in each case)

  • Automatic geofencing

    An alarm notification is sent when the vehicle leaves the radius (in conjunction with WiPro III).

  • New integration

    Integration of Büttner Elektronik MT lithium power battery: consumer switch-off in case of deep discharge and battery monitoring with low-voltage alarm.

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Smartphone App

Smart control via Thitronik app

With the Thitronik app, you can comfortably control the Pro-finder via smartphone.

  • Locate vehicle

  • Request status reports

  • Immobilise stolen vehicle

The Thitronik app can only be used in conjunction with the network module or Pro-finder. Get all the benefits now and download the Thitronik app for free.

More information about the Thitronik app

Product description

Pro-finder alerts you via text message on up to 10 mobile phones in the event of a break-in attempt. You can request a status report via phone call or text message at any time to check the status of your Thitronik alarm system and its input and outputs. You also receive the current position data for your vehicle in the status report. As a smartphone user, you receive the current location data as a link to a map application.

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Supplement to your alarm system or standalone vehicle locating system

You can use the Pro-finder as an ideal supplement to your Thitronik alarm system or use it without an alarm system. In both cases, you can reliably locate your vehicle thanks to GPS and will be notified if your vehicle is stolen.

Automatic geofencing

Geofencing is started automatically via the connection to a WiPro III: as soon as your vehicle leaves a 900-metre radius around its last known location, you will receive an alarm notification on your mobile phones. On the vehicle, this is a silent alarm. Pro-finder remains accessible to you, so you can continue tracking the vehicle.

Receive status reports by text message

Decide for yourself whether you want to receive the location of your vehicle automatically on a regular basis, on request by phone or only in the event of an incident. You also decide how often you want to receive the automatic status reports. A status report contains the current GPS data, tthe measured values of connected voltage sources and the switching states of the integrated outputs. In conjunction with a WiPro III and a coupled wireless gas alarm or G.A.S.-pro III, you also receive an alarm in the event of escaping or inflowing gases.

Suitable for all vehicles

Use the Pro-finder to monitor your passenger vehicle, classic car or motorhome. You can also use the Pro-finder in a special mode to monitor your caravan or trailer. The locating system is also ideal for small fleets. With the Pro-finder, you don’t need an expensive server connection. You receive the position reports on up to 10 freely selectable mobile phone numbers. If required, you can switch up to two consumers on or off.

Easy installation

To use Pro-finder, just connect it to a voltage source. The alignment should be horizontal. Connect the Pro-finder to your alarm system with the data cable supplied. Now just insert the prepared SIM card and your locating device is ready for use.

Scope of delivery

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  • Pro-finder central control unit incl. cable harness
  • Connection cable for WiPro
  • Quick guide
  • mounting materials

Technical data

Article number
Power supply
12/24V DC
Current consumption
approx. 37 mA (Transmission)
Standby current draw
approx. 16–21 mA
Transmission frequency
2G/3G/4G (LTE)
Number of target phone numbers
up to 10
RJ10 (input for WiPro)
2x open collector (max. 0.5 A)
Temperature range
-10°C to +80°C
125 × 27 × 135mm (WxHxD)
approx. 129 g


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