A brief moment of carelessness: the damage can be enormous. Vent-check assumes for you a short check prior to departure. Comfortably, completely automatically.

Refined comfort functions

The awning has been cranked in, the storage compartment hatches are closed, the dog is sitting safely in the box? Then you’re ready to go. Put the vehicle in reverse and carefully manouevre out from under the tree. And crack … the branch has ripped off the open midi heki: what an annoying hassle – and how unnecessary. Apart from incurring a financial loss, the annoying spectacle has of course thoroughly spoiled the good holiday atmosphere.

The THITRONIK WiPro III’s comfort function vent-check prevents such accidents long before they can happen – fully automatically and extremely comfortably for the camper. If the camper turns the vehicle key to ‘Ignition on’, the alarm system’s central control unit checks all wireless magnetic contacts installed in the vehicle and alerts the driver with a clear warning sound if an opening on the vehicle is not properly closed. Incidentally, besides roof hatches, rear garage doors are frequently forgotten and then swing open by themselves in the first curve.

If the warning signal for an open roof hatch or open sliding window sounds, the occupants can decide which of them should remain open or whether the roof hatch should not rather be closed for the upcoming motorway stretch. In any case, for now it should be closed – at least until the motorhome is safely out from under the tree.


At first glance vent-check might appear to be a nice additional option on the WiPro III. For many motorhome owners, it has quickly advanced to an extremely valuable and appreciated everyday comfort function.

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