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Comfortable, fast teach-in of Thitronik components

The security level of an alarm system can be read from numerous indicators, a very important one being its modularity. Does the alarm system consist solely of standalone solutions that do not or only rudimentarily communicate with one another? Unfortunately, this is still a commonly found concept which regularly shows alarming security gaps. THITRONIK has always used powerful components which both individually and especially as a team present a capable and highly efficient security concept.

Our customers have complete freedom in selecting the modules. Whether you now select our Pro-finder GPS locating system as the first module or our WiPro III alarm system as the starting component – other modules can easily be added at any time. Through the combination of modules, you then usually receive not just the sum of the individual functions of our modules, but frequently attractive bonus functions. An example: you supplement the WiPro III with the Pro-finder. You have now not only an alarm system and a locating system detached from each another, but a bonus function enabling the Pro-finder to send the notification of a break-in attempt from the WiPro III directly to your mobile phone.

Now how does easy add come into play here?

Well, such combinations of individual modules are easily possible at any time in our system – no matter which starting components you originally chose.

Do you need another radio remote control, an additional gas alarm, further wireless magnetic contacts or one or two radio cable loops to secure accessories? No problem. Our development team have invested a great deal of know-how and time in order to make the integration of new components, that is, teach-in on the central control unit, as easy as possible for you.

The result

The easy add function, which enables you to connect the new component to the WiPro III central control unit in just three steps:

  1. Start the teach-in mode.
  2. Actuate the desired accessory.
  3. Quit the teach-in mode.

Child’s play. Teach-in is even easier when customers have our Pro-finder in the vehicle and can use the THITRONIK app easy add 3.0. And don’t forget: a new wireless magnetic contact can be installed to a door, storage compartment hatch or window in just a few minutes. All you need to do is clean the mounting surface and carefully position the contacts – easy add. No laborious and time-consuming cable laying.

Despite this comfortable and comparatively unspectacular teach-in procedure, you mustn’t forget: the easily added accessory is equipped with highly complex and unique security functions.

And as already mentioned at the beginning: a security system can only be highly effective if all components cooperate and others can be added at any time to support them.

easy add

The easy add symbol informs you of THITRONIK components that can be comfortably AND quickly integrated into the alarm system.

Thitronik Products

  • WiPro III

    Wireless alarm system for motorhomes

    The wireless alarm system that adapts to your security needs. You take care of the nice things in life – we take care of your security.

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  • Wireless magnetic contact 868

    The perfect addition to WiPro III and WiPro III safe.lock

    Wireless magnetic contacts are important components of your Thitronik security concept – together with your WiPro III or WiPro III safe.lock, they form the perfect security team. Use them to secure windows, doors or hatches on your vehicle.

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  • Wireless remote control 868 for WiPro III, WiPro III safe.lock

    Remote transmitter for alarm system and central locking system

    The wireless remote control for WiPro III and WiPro III safe.lock is an additional remote control for controlling the central locking system and the alarm system

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  • Radio cable loop 868

    The perfect addition to WiPro III and WiPro III safe.lock

    The radio cable loop is the ideal addition to your alarm system – to make sure thieves have no chance even with portable objects such as bikes, camping furniture or surfboards.

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  • Wireless gas alarm 868

    Gas alarm for WiPro III and WiPro III safe.lock

    The wireless gas alarm 868 supplements and optimises the alarm systems WiPro III and WiPro III safe.lock. It detects even the smallest amounts of propane/butane or narcotic gases and thereby raises the safety standard in the vehicle to a whole new level.

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  • Pro-finder

    2G/3G/4G (LTE)

    Whether in combination with WiPro III or WiPro III safe.lock or as a stand-alone location solution – with the Pro-finder, you always have your vehicle in view

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