Vehicle locating

GPS satellite technology and the Thitronik Pro-finder guarantee the location of a stolen vehicle. At any time, worldwide.

On the trail …

A horror scenario: your motorhome or caravan is stolen. From right in front of your house, or even worse when you’re on holiday. Now you need to act fast because with every minute that goes by the chances of you ever seeing your vehicle again decrease.

Ideally, you already received an alarm notification on your mobile phone at exactly the moment that the intruders gained access to your vehicle. You were hence able to inform the police in time before your vehicle was removed from its location – an attractive time advantage.

As mentioned, an ideal case in which the THITRONIK WiPro III detected the alarm and sent a break-in notification to you and if so desired nine other mobile phones via the Pro-finder locating system. If the THITRONIK locating system Pro-finder is installed as a standalone solution, your defaults decide when the first alarm notification is sent from the system to you.

You can, for example, define a virtual fence with a radius of 900 metres around your vehicle. If your vehicle then leaves this secured circle, irrespective of whether it is being driven by the intruder or towed on a trailer (car, caravan, VW bus), you will receive a theft notification. You enable this option, known as ‘geofencing’, manually when you park your vehicle and can of course switch it on or off at any time via text message. If Pro-finder and WiPro III are installed as a system, WiPro automatically enables geofencing as soon as you lock the vehicle via the central locking system.

Thitronik Products

  • Pro-finder

    2G/3G/4G (LTE)

    Whether in combination with WiPro III or WiPro III safe.lock or as a stand-alone location solution – with the Pro-finder, you always have your vehicle in view

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  • GSM/GPS combination module

    Remote alarm and vehicle locating for C.A.S. III

    The GPS/GSM combination module supplements and optimises the caravan alarm system C.A.S. III. If someone attempts to break into or tamper with the caravan, the combination module informs the owner via text message and an alarm is simultaneously sounded.

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