Additional sensor for G.A.S.-pro

The perfect addition to your G.A.S.-pro

Extend the protection provided by your gas alarm to the entire interior space of your vehicle or rooms separated by doors. For maximum protection against leaking gases.

Product highlights

  • Detects propane, butane and narcotic gases

    Warns reliably before situation becomes dangerous

  • Replaceable sensor head

    For easy maintenance

Product description

Your G.A.S.-pro reliably warns you of leaking gases long before they reach dangerous concentrations. If your vehicle is unusually long (interior length > 6.5 m) or the sleeping and habitation areas are separated by doors, use of additional sensors is recommended. With additional sensors, you can extend the protection to the entire interior space or to all vehicle compartments. In this way, propane, butane or narcotic gas can be detected more quickly. You can connect up to 3 additional sensors to your G.A.S.-pro. The additional sensors come with connection cables that are 2 m long and can be extended to 8 m. Thus, you can also reliably monitor much larger vehicles. The sensor head features plug-in mounting for easy replacement.

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Scope of delivery

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  • Additional sensor for G.A.S.-pro
  • Assembly material

Technical data

Article number
Current consumption
approx. 67 mA
approx. 50 g
Detected gases
Propane, butane, narcotic gases
approx. 30 x 20 x 31 mm


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