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Radio cable loop 868

The perfect addition to WiPro III and WiPro III safe.lock

The radio cable loop is the ideal addition to your alarm system – to make sure thieves have no chance even with portable objects such as bikes, camping furniture or surfboards.

Product highlights

  • Secures portable objects

    The radio cable loop extends the protection provided by your alarm system to portable objects outside the vehicle

  • Available in 2.5 m or 5 m cable length

    Secure any portable objects to your motorhome or in its vicinity

  • Use several cable loops at the same time

    Secure bikes, satellite dishes, objects in the trailer and much more

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Product description

Extend the protection provided by your alarm system to portable objects such as bikes, surfboards, furniture or motorcycles. With the radio cable loop, it’s easy. The cable is looped through the objects to be secured, e.g. bike frames or armrests. You then thread the transmitter unit through the loop at the end of the cable. Now just hang the transmitter unit in the bracket and activate the alarm system: Your motorhome and the objects outside the vehicle are protected.

Security through reed sensors

The magnet in the holder functions in the same way as the wireless magnetic contacts of your WiPro III or WiPro III safe.lock. If the electronics unit is removed from the holder, an alarm is triggered, just like when the cable is cut. External magnetic fields are also recognized and reported. You will be informed of the attempted theft and can react immediately.

Secure your furniture, bikes & co.
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The radio cable loop is available with a cable length of 2.5 m and in the XL version with a cable length of 5 m. Both lengths are available in the colours black and white.

Scope of delivery

  • Radio cable loop

  • Assembly material

  • Assembly instructions

Technical data

Article numbers
101074 (5m, black)
101068 (2.5m, black)
100944 (5m, white)
100761 (2.5m, white)
Power supply
1 x CR2032 (3V)
Wireless range (in free space)
approx. 75 m
Transmission frequency
868,35 MHz
Transmission power
<10 mW
50 × 46 × 18 mm (W × H × D)
approx. 77 g


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