WiPro III safe.lock

Wireless alarm system for motorhomes with control of central locking system

A wireless alarm system tailored to your needs. Control your alarm system and your central locking system at the same time – available for Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter, VW T6, VW T6.1, VW Crafter II, Ford Transit, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper, Iveco Daily, Opel Movano, Toyota Proace Max, and MAN TGE.

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At a glance

  • Wireless

  • CAN-Bus

  • 12 V / 24 V

  • 102 dB

  • easy add 3.0

  • safe.lock

Product highlights

  • Maximum security

    No need to deactivate sensors when inside vehicle, warning in case of open windows or roof vents via vent check function, panic alarm, anti-jamming function, warning in case of gas leaks (optional), alarm text message and locating via Pro-finder (optional)

  • Supported vehicles

    Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter, VW T6, VW T6.1, VW Crafter II, Ford Transit, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper, Iveco Daily, Opel Movano, Toyota Proace Max, and MAN TGE.

  • Protection from replay attacks

    Four billion rolling codes close the vehicle-side security gap and provide reliable protection from accessing the vehicle using a recorded ‘unlock’ signal.

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Smartphone App

Smart control via Thitronik app

You can easily control your WiPro III safe.lock from any place in the world using your smartphone.

  • Arm/disarm the alarm system

  • Lock/unlock vehicle

  • Activate teach-in mode for the alarm system

  • Immobilize vehicle*

The THITRONIK® app can only be used in conjunction with the network module or Pro-finder. Get all the benefits now and download our free THITRONIK® app.

*in conjunction with the shut-off device

More information about the Thitronik app

Product description

The WiPro III safe.lock radio alarm system offers reliable protection for your motorhome. The addition "safe.lock" describes the ability to control the vehicle's central locking and is available for an increasing number of vehicles. Whether you control your alarm system and central locking with the original vehicle key, the radio transmitter, or our THITRONIK® accessories is entirely up to you. With the help of the Pro-finder or the networking module, the WiPro III safe.lock can be conveniently controlled via the app, simultaneously locking or unlocking your vehicle. Functions such as retrieving the vehicle status or immobilizing the vehicle (provided a shut-down device is installed) in case of theft are possible with the Pro-finder. Essential components are the radio magnetic contacts with the highest level of security, which effectively prevent tampering attempts and detect intrusions into the vehicle without false alarms. These are suitable for various window frames, doors, and storage compartment flaps.

A system tailored to your needs

WiPro III safe.lock can be modularly enhanced and adapted according to your needs. With the extensive range of radio accessories, the alarm system perfectly fulfills every security requirement. It doesn't matter whether your vehicle is the smallest/largest in its class or a personalized collector's item.

Simple and safe operation

The WiPro III safe.lock can be operated with the supplied radio remote control. With one of its buttons, you activate the silent mode to use at night-time, for example. The other button activates with an audible signal, for example, when you move away from the vehicle. In both cases, the central locking locks the the vehicle, and the system is armed, or the button unlocks it and disarms the system. After conversion, the vehicle radio key can be safely used again. Locking leads to automatic arming, unlocking to disarming. This process is secure thanks to the safe.lock conversion board with its 4 billion rolling codes. In conjunction with the Pro-finder tracking system, you can also control your system via the THITRONIK® app.

Maximum security – without motion detectors

WiPro III safe.lock monitors the shell of your vehicle, not just the interior. In case of danger, it reacts faster and more reliably than systems based on motion detectors. False alarms are therefore excluded. The system can also be activate while you are inside your motorhome. This way, it protects what is most important: itself and its occupants.

Wireless versus motion detectors
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A thoughtful system

You think of everything before setting out: closing the windows, retracting the step and folding down the satellite dish. And if you happen to forget to close the roof hatches, the WiPro III backs you up. It carries out a pre-departure check with the vent check function. The system recognises open radio magnetic contacts when the ignition is started and notifies you. This protects you and your vehicle from damage to roof hatches, for example.

Subsequent installation and enhancement

You want to install an alarm system in your vehicle retroactively, enhance or adapt your security concept? No problem. The WiPro III safe.lock can be retrofitted. It works with radio components and can be enhanced modularly. The easy-add function makes it easy for you to pair new radio accessory. This can even be done without a workshop visit. You can also safeguard bicycles, mobile satellite antennas, surfboards or camping furniture using the radio cable loop, which is available as an accessory.

CAN bus function

The CAN bus (Controller Area Network) is the current standard for connections between control units in vehicles. With an increasing number of electronic devices in automobiles, uniform communication between devices is essential. The CAN bus is a unified networking system that enables communication between WiPro III safe.lock and other electronic components. This allows WiPro III safe.lock to evaluate signals from the original door contacts. A CAN bus is integrated into all common base vehicles built as of 2006. Retrofitting this option is only done by specialized personnel.

Alarm text message to smartphone

WiPro III safe.lock can send SMS alarm messages to up to ten recipients, when combined with Pro-finder. The alarm SMS already contains the coordinates of your vehicle. This way, you are quickly notified in case of an incident and can locate your vehicle using the integrated GPS in Pro-finder. In conjunction with Pro-finder, the alarm system can be controlled via your smartphone using the THITRONIK® app.

Thitronik App: an attractive security enhancement
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Well protected from replay attacks

In addition to its convenience features, Thitronik offers the option to protect the original vehicle key of the Fiat Ducato and similar models from 2006 to 2018 against replay attacks by retrofitting it with a conversion board and encrypting the original vehicle key with 4 billion rolling codes.

Replay attacks: Things you ought to know
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36-month warranty on our product.

We feel strongly connected to our region and our environment. That’s why the entire production chain takes place in our home region. This way, we minimise carbon emissions from unnecessary transports and strengthen our region. We cooperate with regional suppliers, and we produce, program, test and package our products in Eckernförde on the Baltic Sea. We are all the way behind our products and offer a 36-month warranty on the WiPro III.

Scope of delivery

  • WiPro III safe.lock
  • Central control unit with integrated siren
  • Radio remote control 868 (with sound / mute)
  • Radio magnetic contact 868 black
  • Status LED
  • Connection cable
  • Quick guide
  • Mounting materials
  • Warnung decal

The image shows exemplarily the scope of delivery for item number 101050

Technical data

Article numbers
101050 (for Ducato, Jumper, Boxer, Daily from FY 2006, Toyota Proace Max and Opel Movano from FY 2021)
105298 (for Ford Transit from From FY 2019+)
105458 (für MAN TGE, VW Crafter II, VW T6/T6.1)
105458 (for Mercedes Sprinter 2018+)
Power supply
12V or 24V
Standby current draw
approx. 11mA @ 12V (standby)
868,35 MHz
Wireless range (in free space)
up to 75m
Sound pressure
approx. 102dB
80x29x80 mm
90g (central control unit)
Housing protection rating
IP 40


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