WiPro III safe.lock

Wireless alarm system for motorhomes with control unit for central locking system

A wireless alarm system made just for you. Close the security gap in your Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper, Iveco Daily or Opel Movano.

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At a glance

  • Wireless

  • CAN-Bus

  • 12 V / 24 V

  • 102 dB

  • easy add 3.0

  • safe.lock

Product highlights

  • Protection from replay attacks

    With 4 billion rolling codes to provide reliable protection against vehicle access using a recorded ‘unlock’ signal and close the vehicle-side security gap

  • Maximum security

    No need to deactivate sensors when inside vehicle, warning of open windows or roof vents via vent check function, anti-jamming function, warning of escaping gas (optional), alarm text message and locating via Pro-finder (optional)

  • Simple operation

    Intuitive operation via the supplied wireless remote control or the converted vehicle remote control key (optional)

  • Supports Fiat Ducato 8

    Can be installed and subsequently extended in Fiat Ducato, Fiat Ducato 8, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper, Iveco Daily or Opel Movano models

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Smartphone App

Smart control via Thitronik app

You can easily control your WiPro III safe.lock from anywhere using your smartphone.

  • Arm or disarm the alarm system

  • Lock/unlock vehicle

  • Activate teach-in mode for the alarm system

The Thitronik app can only be used in conjunction with the network module or Pro-finder. Get all the benefits now and download the Thitronik app for free.

More information about the Thitronik app

Product description

The WiPro III safe.lock wireless alarm system offers reliable protection for your motorhome – even from replay attacks. It closes a security gap in the models Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Jumper from 2006 - 2018 and Iveco Daily from 2011 - 2018. It is also compatible with the Fiat Ducato 8. The system also features simple and intuitive operation. Modern wireless magnetic contacts adapt to different window frame models and secure the vehicle shell. Thus, no false alarms occur.

Well protected from replay attacks

WiPro III safe.lock provides effective protection against increasingly prevalent replay attacks. In a base vehicle with inadequate coding of the radio signals, attackers can record the ‘unlock’ signal of your original wireless remote control and use it later to access your vehicle. WiPro III safe.lock effectively prevents such replay attacks through the use of rolling codes. WiPro III safe.lock replaces the vehicle-side receiver and controls the central locking system. After a conversion with the safe.lock conversion circuit board (optional), you will be able to use your vehicle remote control safely again. WiPro III safe.lock also remains armed if the vehicle code is already known.

Replay attacks: Things you should know
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The system that adapts to you

WiPro III safe.lock can be extended modularly and adapted to your needs. Thanks to the extensive range of radio accessories, the alarm system optimally meets every security requirement. It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is the smallest/largest in its class or a personalised collector’s item.

Simple and safe operation

The WiPro III safe.lock can be operated with the supplied wireless remote control. One button on the remote control switches silently, e.g. for night operation. The other button switches with a signal tone, e.g. when you leave the vehicle. In both cases, the central locking system is locked and the system armed or unlocked and disarmed. After conversion, you can safely use the vehicle’s remote control key again. Locking leads to automatic arming and unlocking to disarming. Through the safe.lock conversion board, this operation is secure thanks to the 4 billion rolling codes. You can also control your system via the Thitronik app in conjunction with the Pro-finder.

Maximum security – without motion detectors

WiPro III safe.lock monitors the shell of your vehicle, not just the interior space. In case of danger, it reacts faster and more reliably than systems based on motion detectors. This rules out false alarms. You can also activate the system when you are inside your motorhome. This way, you protect what is most important: yourself and your fellow travellers.

Wireless versus motion detectors
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The system that pays attention

You think of everything before setting out: closing the windows, retracting the step and folding down the satellite dish. And if you happen to forget to close the roof vents, the WiPro III helps you out. It carries out a pre-departure check with the vent check function. The system recognises open wireless magnetic contacts when the ignition is started and informs you. This protects you and your vehicle from damage to roof hatches, for example.

Subsequent installation and extension

Do you want to retrofit your vehicle with an alarm system or extend or adapt your security concept? No problem. WiPro III safe.lock can be installed as a retrofit. It works with wireless components and can be extended modularly. The easy add function makes coupling of new wireless accessories easy. You can even save the trip to the garage. Also secure bikes, portable satellite dishes, surfboards or camping furniture with the radio cable loop, which is available as an accessory.

CAN bus function

CAN (controller area network) bus is the current standard for connections between control units in vehicles. As more and more electronic devices are found in automobiles, uniform communication between the devices is essential. The CAN bus is a unified network system that enables communication between the WiPro III and other electronic components. For example, the WiPro III can evaluate signals from original wireless remote controls and wireless magnetic contacts. The CAN bus is installed in all common base vehicles built in 2006 or later. This option can only be retrofitted by qualified personnel.

Alarm text message to smartphone

In combination with Pro-finder, WiPro III safe.lock can send alarm text messages to up to 10 recipients.. The alarm text already contains the coordinates of your vehicle. Thus, if an incident occurs, you are quickly informed and can locate your vehicle with the GPS integrated in the Pro-finder. You can control your alarm system with your smartphone via the Thitronik app in conjunction with the Pro-finder.

Thitronik App: an attractive security enhancement
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36-month warranty on our regional product

We are committed to our region and our environment. That’s why the entire production chain is situated in our home region. In this way, we minimise carbon emissions due to unnecessary transport and strengthen the region. We cooperate with regional suppliers, produce, program, test and package our products in Eckernförde on the Baltic Sea. We stand behind our products and provide a 36-month warranty on the WiPro III.

Scope of delivery

  • WiPro III safe.lock
  • Central control unit with integrated siren
  • Wireless remote control 868 (with sound / mute)
  • Wireless magnetic contact 868 black
  • Status LED
  • Connection cable
  • Quick guide
  • mounting materials
  • Alarm sticker

Technical data

Article numbers
101050 (for Ducato, Jumper, Boxer, Daily from FY 2006 and Movano from FY 2021)
105298 (for Ford Transit from From FY 2019+)
Power supply
12 V or 24 V
Standby current draw
approx. 11 mA @ 12 V (standby)
868,35 MHz
Wireless range (in free space)
up to 75 m
Sound pressure
approx. 102dB
100x26x68 mm
90 g (central control unit)
Housing protection rating
IP 40


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