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WiPro III safe.lock for Ford Transit and NFC module available now

The WiPro III safe.lock for the Ford Transit from model series 2019 is now available in stores.

This makes it possible to control the central locking system (depending on the vehicle configuration).

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Furthermore, the NFC module incl. transponder card is now available in stores.

The NFC module, mounted on the inside of the vehicle window as a virtual key, is the perfect control solution for the WiPro III, WiPro III safe.lock and WiPro easy alarm system. The supplied transponder card can be used to arm and disarm the alarm system.

Owners of a WiPro III safe.lock can additionally access their central locking system and lock and unlock their vehicle without a key.

The NFC module can be retrofitted at any time as an accessory.

Additional waterproof and robust accessories (wristband and tag) will follow soon.

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