THITRONIK® App: an attractive security enhancement

Complex technology presented in a clear and easy-to-understand way: that is our THITRONIK® app.

It not only helps customers maintain an overview of the WiPro III alarm system and the Pro-finder at all times via smartphone – it also allows them to enable or disable important functions via text message practically from anywhere in the world.

To aid in understanding

A connection to a mobile radio network is needed for the sending and receiving of text messages. Our Pro-finder establishes this connection – it is thus an important prerequisite for our app and the elementary functions. As a brief reminder: the Pro-finder is our proven GPS locating system, which our Premium Partners install concealed in the vehicle for you. It thus not only is pivotal for reliably locating your stolen vehicle anywhere in the world in real time, but also assumes the communication between your smartphone, i.e. the app, and all THITRONIK® components in the vehicle.

You want to check whether the alarm is armed or whether you might have forgotten to lock the vehicle before you left? No problem – send a text message to receive a status message or when in doubt enable the central locking system (only when using safe.lock/vehicle-dependent) and the alarm directly and immediately via text message.

Your children or friends have arrived at the site and would like to wait for you in your vehicle? But you are still relaxing at dinner in the far-off restaurant? Send a text message to the Pro-finder and it will open the door for your loved ones.

Yet it isn’t just the everyday user-friendliness that improves with the app

Basic settings can also be made much more easily with it. For example, if you want to teach in another wireless magnetic contact to secure a new roof hatch – but you no longer know exactly how that works. Not a problem either. Via the app you can download the latest operating instructions, naturally free of charge, at any time. With the WiPro III safe.lock from serial number SN1050-004 and with the Pro-finder from SN0699-013, you can even start the teach-in mode for new contacts directly via the app. Another contact is thus integrated into the alarm system easily and in a few minutes.

Because the Pro-finder still has two free outputs, you can use them to control any devices in the vehicle – for example, to switch on the awning lights. In this regard nearly no restrictions are placed on your imagination.

As you can see: The new THITRONIK app is far more than a gimmick. The app improves both the operability and the security level through its optimised overview of all the functions of our security system.

Functions at a glance:

  1. Arm/disarm WiPro
  2. Lock/unlock vehicle
  3. Locate vehicle: you receive a text message with a Google Maps link
  4. Turn geofencing on/off
  5. Output A: each output can have any function assigned to it
  6. Output B: Example for an airing function
  7. Request status report
  8. easy add mode
  9. Manuals

And as is so often the case: we saved the best for last.

What can you do personally if your motorhome is actually stolen? Well, you can see exactly where your vehicle is with the THITRONIK® Pro-finder. And: With the ‘Remote vehicle immobilisation’ function, you can make sure the vehicle’s engine cannot be started again once it has stopped. For this the dealer need only install a separate relay. (Depending on model see compatibility)

Thitronik Products

  • Pro-finder

    2G/3G/4G (LTE)

    Whether in combination with WiPro III or WiPro III safe.lock or as a stand-alone location solution – with the Pro-finder, you always have your vehicle in view

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  • WiPro III

    Wireless alarm system for motorhomes

    The wireless alarm system that adapts to your security needs. You take care of the nice things in life – we take care of your security.

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  • WiPro III safe.lock

    Wireless alarm system for motorhomes with control of central locking system

    A wireless alarm system tailored to your needs. Control your alarm system and your central locking system at the same time – available for Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter, VW T6, VW T6.1, VW Crafter II, Ford Transit, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper, Iveco Daily, Opel Movano, Toyota Proace Max, and MAN TGE.

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