G.A.S.-pro III

The new generation of gas alarm systems

G.A.S.-pro III is a modular gas alarm system for permanent installation in your vehicle. Reliably warns you of gas poisoning and narcotic gas attacks, with an integrated siren and radio unit.

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At a glance

  • Wireless

  • 12 V / 24 V

  • 94 dB

  • Carbon monoxide

  • Butane gas

  • Propane gas

  • KO / narcotic gases

Product highlights

  • Detects narcotic gases, propane and butane or carbon monoxide

    The G.A.S.-pro III detects the smallest amounts of escaping gases and warns you before they become dangerous

  • Integrated siren

    Sounds the alarm with powerful 94 dB in case of an event

  • Available in two basic set-ups

    With integrated liquid gas and anaesthetic gas sensor or with integrated CO sensor

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Product description

The new G.A.S.-pro III is a reliable gas alarm system with extended functions that is permanently installed in your vehicle. It detects all gases currently used in narcotic gas attacks as well as propane and butane, or deadly carbon monoxide in the second version, and warns you long before they become dangerous.

The new generation

The G.A.S.-pro III is the latest G.A.S.-pro generation. It has been on the market since 2020 and, together with the current G.A.S.-pro, rounds off our gas sensor range in the high-end segment. It has all the functions of the tried and tested G.A.S.-pro, but has also been significantly improved in many ways. The internal siren is increased to a powerful 94 dB. An integrated humidity sensor optimises the already precise measurement in case of high humidity in the vehicle or exhaled air in the direct vicinity of the sensor. In addition, an alcohol filter (liquid gas / KO gas sensor) eliminates false alarms caused by alcohol in the air. The current consumption of the new G.A.S.-pro III with integrated LPG/KO gas sensor is reduced to a minimum of 26 mA, with integrated CO gas sensor to just nine milliamperes.

Available in two versions

The G.A.S.-pro III is even available in 2 basic set-ups: the familiar one with an integrated LPG or narcotic gas sensor and one with an integrated CO gas sensor. Each of the two variants can be combined with an additional gas or CO sensor.

State-of-the-art safety

Thanks to the built-in wireless unit, the new G.A.S.-pro III only needs to be connected via the power cable to the on-board electrical system. After that, you can connect your new G.A.S.-pro III wirelessly to the central control unit via easy add. The easy add function allows you to teach a new component, such as the G.A.S-pro III, to the alarm system in just a few steps: start teach-in mode, switch on new accessories, end teach-in mode. That's it.

Explained in easy terms: Easy add
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Adapts to your vehicle

You can adapt the gas warning system to the conditions of your vehicle with suitable accessories such as additional sensors or other sirens. And to your own personal safety requirements.

Scope of delivery

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  • G.A.S.-pro III central control unit with integrated siren
  • Integrated sensor for propane, butane and narcotic gases (G.A.S.-pro III)
  • Integrated sensor for carbon monoxide (G.A.S.-pro III CO)
  • Manual
  • mounting materials
  • Alarm sticker

Technical data

Article numbers
Power supply
12/24 V DC
Current consumption
9 mA (CO)/26 mA (LPG/KO gas)
Sensor inputs
1x internal, 1x external
50 ppm (CO) 700 ppm (butane)
Sound pressure
94 dB (internal Siren)
Temperature range
-20°C bis +60°C
61 × 97 × 35 mm (W x H x D)
approx. 74 g


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